Thursday, December 15, 2011

Uncategorized: Sick

I have a cold.  A chest cold.  A very nasty coughing-is-excruciating chest cold.  (Note: at this point, Husband will step in and say I'm a wimp and that my cold isn't that bad because my temperature is a tenth of a degree under 100 and I'm able to walk without passing out.  But I am a grumpy patient, and so I'm gonna coddle this cold today.)

All I want is Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and a fleece blanket and Mucinex DM.

Alas, I have no canned soup in my house, nor do I have chicken or fixin's to make chicken soup.

I am hideous and unwashed in fleece sweatpants and an old hoodie and a thermal underwear shirt.

I'm not venturing out.

Dinner shall be fish tonight with salad, and we'll be lucky if I can stand it.  Maybe I'll make fish for Husband and make scrambled eggs for me.

But all I really want is that darn chicken noodle soup.

Today I have eaten about 10 Christmas cookies, 8 Triscuit crackers with melted American cheese, 2 cups of coffee, and 2 liters of water.  And I'm not that hungry.

Except for chicken noodle soup.  Gimme, now.

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  1. When you really want something and can't get it, then whatever you try instead makes it worse. All you can do now is stock up on chicken soup and swear: never again!

    As for hubby saying you're not sick because you have a mild temperature, I had an infection in a neck gland that blew it up like the mumps. Was on antibiotics, it lasted for days and it was almost gone when I finally got a fever.