Thursday, December 29, 2011

Psychology: New Years Resolutions

I only have about 2 more days to think of New Years Resolutions that I might actually stick to.  Last year's were a dismal failure to the point that I can't even remember if I made any or not.  Most likely, my traditional resolution list was hit with:

  • lose weight (ha!)
  • keep my car cleaner

Both of which I failed at. Miserably.  (Though I have lost approximately 10-15 pounds, depending on the holiday weight that I refuse to face.  My size-down jeans still fit comfortably, but is that stretching or actual weight loss?)

Things I really SHOULD resolve to do:
  • be better to my husband.  You know, make a concerted effort to pay attention to him in the evenings instead of burying my head in a nice warm laptop and staring at facebook as if it's better than crack (which it sometimes is).  But I chose to spend the rest of my life with him, not facebook.  So I should definitely fix that.
  • Lose weight to the point that my size 10 clothes fit again.  By Christmas next year, I should resolve to fit into my (amazing, awesome, and perfect) cashmere-wool-blend coat that is entirely too tight right now.  If a coat happens to be my motivation, I think it's fine, as long as I actually lose the weight and get healthy.
  • Find some form of exercise that I stick to.  I was doing well with walking for a while, but now that the weather is actually cool and it, um, precipitates rather often, I've been bad about going.  The guilty looks from my husband and the sweet stares of the dogs saying, "oh, Mummy, please come with us," are still not enough to motivate me to actually put on my hiking shoes, earband, and coat to go.  I need to fix this about myself.  (Note: Zumba, Wii Fit, and other aerobic routines along with yoga have all failed me.  Or, rather, I failed them.)
  • Keep the house and car cleaner.  Let's face it.  I'm a clutterbug.  I'm terrible at putting things away until it gets to a certain point, and then I go on a cleaning rampage.  I'm getting better, but I'd like to avoid those cleaning rampages and keep a more consistent clean would be good.
  • Run out of wine once in a while.  Let's face this fact, too: I'm a complete and ridiculous wino.  My husband (bless the man) pointed out once that the only thing we don't run out of in this house is wine.  We have run out of milk, bread, eggs, dog food, and many other essentials including prescriptions.  Not running out of wine but running out of these things is appalling, and I need to fix that.
So that's what I'm pondering.  They're boring, but they work.  They involved a process of self-examination, which is what I think the purpose of resolutions is anyway.

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