Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food: Raclette - it's what's for dinner

So Raclette, you ask?  What the heck is it?
Well, it's one of these:

And you cook dinner on it at the table.  It's very interactive, a la fondue or something like that, only this puppy cooks meat and cheese at the same time.

First, you put bacon on the turned-on raclette to season the surface:
(and oh, yes, you eat the bacon later.) 

Once the bacon is done, you load it up with various meats.  We used chicken, shrimp, beef, and pork this past Raclette-abration:
Notice the little black thing with cheese in it at the bottom left of the above picture.  It picks up the heat from the element and melts your cheese, which you then dump over your tasty, delicious, amazing boiled potatoes. (Potatoes in any form are my favorite.  Boiled red ones?  Heaven, especially with melted cheese.)

And then you feast.  The meat is served with all kinds of fun sauces for dipping, and we had crab dip and artichoke dip for our crackers as well.  And wine, and bread, and oh it was a grand feast.


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