Monday, November 21, 2011

Dogs: Winston

Meet Winston.

Winston is a Rhodesian Ridgeback bred by Kaskazini Rhodesian Ridgebacks in East Meredith, NY.  We are very proud of his heritage!!

Winston is especially gifted at looking pensive and slightly worried, which makes you want to just cuddle all 100 pounds of this butter-ball.  We just learned yesterday that he's overweight for a Ridgeback, so he is now on a diet and is not pleased at all with us.

Which reminds me... Winston loves to eat.  As a puppy he used to eat lying down, but he now stands to eat.  Even still, the photo of him lying down to eat is too cute to pass up.  Plus, it shows off his magnificent ridge.

Winston also likes to run around outside,
(Winston is the one who's the highest in the air; Oliver is behind him), and is he ever powerful!

Winston is also the apple of his daddy's eye, and his daddy is the apple of his eye.  With a face like that, who wouldn't want to take him home and snuggle him forever?

This photo went on our Christmas card last year.  He's just that perfect at posing.

As far as temperament goes, Winston is a true Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Very loyal, quite stubborn, lazy, destructive if bored, but so darn lovable you can't help but run up to him and snuggle him once in a while.  (To which he usually responds with this throat noise like "nnnnnggggghhhh!!!!")  He also possesses a goofy side, most evidenced by when he wants to play with his brother Oliver and says something like, "ROO ROO!" to get Oliver going.

Aw heck, you need another photo.
 Look at that magnificent boy.  He looks a little goofy in his orange vest, but he is so gorgeous.  This is from his younger, slimmer days; days to which we aspire again!

Once upon a time, we were watching a National Geographic nature documentary, and Winston sat right in front of the TV and watched the whole thing with us.  He was fascinated.  If it's a nature documentary, he still watches it on TV.

Golly gee oh gosh oh gum I love him!

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