Monday, November 21, 2011

Dogs: Oliver

Meet Oliver.  Photos by the husband.
 Oliver likes to watch birds in ponds,
 snuggle under blankets,
 go swimming,
 play in bathtubs,
 hunt for geese,
and sleep on blankets.

Oliver is a Vizsla, which is another name for a Hungarian Pointer.  He is a golden-rust color, and just gorgeous.  Yes, his nose is supposed to be pink, and he has the most beautiful amber-colored eyes you've ever seen.  He has two settings: on and off.

When he's on, he is one of the most hyperactive, ridiculous, goofy, happy dogs you will ever meet.  As a puppy, he was always "on," and required no less than 2 hours of RUN-time on his walks.  (Side note: I strongly caution anyone who is not incredibly active against getting a Vizsla solely for the puppy stage.  It was brutal!)  My father, when he was still alive, swore that any photos of him sleeping were Photoshopped.  Now that Oliver is 2 years old, he is starting to calm down and requires a minimum of 3 miles on-leash walk and at least an hour of run-time in the back yard (fenced-in).

When he's off, he is grumbly, tired, and snuggly; in off-mode he wants nothing more than to be curled up close to one of his humans (me or the husband or the in-laws, particularly father-in-law) and under a blanket.  If you pet him too much when he's in off-mode, he groans and grumbles at you but is too lazy to move a muscle to get away from the pet.  Off-mode occurs during the day periodically, in the early morning, all night long, and in the evenings after about 8 pm.

As I type, Oliver is "off," curled up in his favorite dog bed in the master bedroom.  But if I were to get out the leash, he would immediately be "on" and ready for one of his daily walks.  Such is the life of a Vizsla.

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