Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food-ish: cookware that makes me go "squee"

After three weeks of walking by the display and drooling, I finally succumbed to the temptation today.

That's right: I bought a Le Creuset Gratin pan.  14" across, Cobalt blue, and nice, heavy stoneware.  Marked down to a reasonable price (I'd pay more than this for this pan in generic form), and I decided it was mineallmine oh sweet Lord I have a Le Creuset gratin pan!!!

I have plans for this pan.  First thing up is fish, baked with white wine, butter, shallots, and lemon.  (I'm trying to eat more of that evil swimmy stuff that we're supposed to eat a lot of.)  Second up is a Julia Child recipe for Gratin Jurassien (cream and cheese and potatoes, oh my!).  I might use it to serve up a monstrous pile of risotto to my friends because it is so pretty.  I might use it to roast a chicken.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

The other item that made me go "squee" today was in Target, and I bought it on impulse, even though I have wanted one of these particular items since I have known about them: a cow-shaped cream-holder thing for your coffee table place setting.  That's right: a cow creamer!  You know, the one where you hold it by the cow's tail and it looks like the cow is barfing out half-and-half into your coffee?  Yes, I have one of those now too.  I don't have big plans for it other than serving half-and-half (or better yet, real cream) in it.  Though I might use it for gravy just once to see what my mother does.  >insert giggles<

What are the fine items in your kitchen that make you go "squee?"

Note that "going squee" requires the item to be:

  • awesome to a degree that you can hardly stand it
  • cute to a degree that you can hardly stand it
  • incredibly freakishly well made
  • any or all of the above


  1. I used to be a Pampered Chef Consultant, so a lot of my kitchen is PC. My absolute favorite, can'tlivewithoutituseatleastweeklyifnotdaily item is the Deep Covered Baker (and, now they have a smaller version coming out on 3/1!). I really love stoneware, which is funny, because before PC I would never have even thought to use it. I have 3 stone bar pans, as well (2 different sizes), and rarely use metal baking pans anymore.

  2. Oh, forgot to say, love the creamer - and you're accompanying commentary!